Anonymous asked: I miss you, mun! I see you password protected your personal blog, and I'm a bit worried about you, knowing you used to struggle with some issues and you were pretty depressed. Are you ok? How's everything going? //sends lots of love


I’m alright! Please don’t worry about me, anon.

I am around, though I no-longer roleplay. I do hang on to my account in hopes that I’ll feel inspired to write again, because I really do love the character, lore, and past writing I did.

My personal went to password protected because of some other, serious issues with another person on tumblr, but I am okay! (:

Maybe one day I’ll be back around to pick up where I left off, and I keep track of things here because I hope for the inspiration and fun to come back.

If you’d ever like to start with me again, just tag me in a starter. I still keep track of my name, and if it’s a good day, I might just come back around. /wink

- Jin-Mod


Myers-Briggs types for Team Masho

(click links for descriptions)

Jin: ESFP (extrovert, sensing, feeling, perceiving)

Touya: INFJ (maybe some INTJ too) (introvert, intuition, feeling, judging)

Risho: INTJ (introvert, intuition, thinking, judging)

BakkenESTP/ESFP (extrovert, sensing, thinking/feeling, perceiving)

Gama: ISTJ (introvert, sensing, thinking, judging)

Ruka: ENFP (extrovert, intuition, feeling, perceiving)

So, yeah, I’ve always wanted to do this for Team Masho. I hope they’re accurate enough! 

touyaicemaster-deactivated20131 asked: Morning, Jin. How are you?


Thought everythin’ was dead ‘round here. Includin’ you.

Can’t say ‘m too bad, though.

More rested than a minotaur after a great hibernation, yeah?


an amazing photo set. <3 <3

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Well, fuck~

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I drew dis cuz I luv u